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Group Faculty Photo

(TOP ROW: Todd Holmes; Eric Pearlman; Kenneth Baldwin; Armando Villalta; Rongsheng Jin; Francesco Tombola; Milton Greenberg; BOTTOM ROW: Qin Yang; Devon Lawson; Medha Pathak; Michael Cahalan; Stephen White; Lan Huang; Albert Zlotnik)


Click on the faculty member's name for more information about them.                                                                                     

  • Geoffrey Abbott, Professor
    • Research interests: Ion channel, KCNE, molecular pharmacology, epithelial biology, cardiac arrhythmia
  • Amanda Burkhardt, Assistant Adjunct Professor
    • Research interests: Immunology, Chemokines, Vaccines, Translational Immunology
  • Michael D. Cahalan, Distinguished Professor and Department Chair
    • Research interests: Ion channels, calcium signaling, and cell interaction dynamics in the immune system.
  • Phil Felgner, Adjunct Professor
    • Research interests: Vaccines, Gene Therapy, Drug Delivery, Liposomes, Biophysics, Protein Microarray, Epidemiology
  • Todd C. Holmes, Professor and Department Vice Chair
    • Research interests: ion channels, cellular physiology, neural circuits and behavior; circadian and visual circuits.

  • Rongsheng Jin, Professor
    • Research interests: Structure and function of synaptic proteins; neurotoxins and receptors; protein complexes.
  • Devon Lawson, Assistant Professor
    • Research interests: Cancer, stem cells, genomics, intratumor heterogenity, metastasis, systems biology
  • Medha Pathak, Assistant Professor
    • Research interests: Piezo1, ion channels, stem cells, neural stem cells, differentiation, development, mechanical forces, matrix, environment.
  • Eric Pearlman, Chancellor's Professor and Director of Institute for Immunology
  • Hamid M. Said Distinguished Professor 
    • Research interests: Membrane transport and intracellular trafficking mechanisms; vitamin transport.
  • Francesco Tombola, Associate Professor
    • Research interests: Electrical and chemical sensing in excitable cells, VSD-containing ion channels and enzymes.
  • Armando Villalta, Assistant Professor
    • Research interests: Immune cell and organ system interactions that promote tissue injury and repair.
  • Qin Yang, Associate Professor
    • Research interests: Epigenetic regulation of insulin resistance and energy expenditure in obesity and type 2 diabetes.  Research Interests: ion channel, KCNE, molecular pharmacology, epithelial biology, cardiac arrhythmia

  • Albert Zlotnik, Chancellor's Professor and Graduate Faculty Advisor
    • Research interests: Chemokines, cancer metastasis, genearray analysis of human diseases and bioinformatics in immunology.


  • Ralph A. Bradshaw
    • Research interests: Tyrosine kinase receptor structure/function; N-terminal processing enzymes.

  • K. George Chandy
    • Research interests: Potassium channels in T-lymphocytes; design of immunosuppresive agents.

  • Harry T. Haigler 
    • Research interests: Annexin calcium-binding proteins; interaction with phospholipid membranes.

  • Frances Jurnak
    • Research interests: Macromolecular crystallography, protein structure, elongation factor Tu, pectate lyase

  • Irwin A. Rose
    • Research interests: Recycling of enzymes after catalysis.
  • Larry Vickery
    • Research interests: Molecular chaperones, protein structure and folding, iron-sulfur proteins.



  • Gregory R. Adams, Associate Adjunct Professor (Recall)
    Research interests: Skeletal Muscle Hypertrophy Atrophy Growth Factors Cytokines.