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Medha Pathak Physiology & Biophysics welcomes Phil Felgner, Ph.D.

The Department of Physiology and Biophysics is excited to welcome Phil Felgner, Ph.D. as Adjunct Professor effective June 1st, 2018.  

Read more about Phil and his background:

Dr Felgner is Director of the UCI Vaccine Research and Development Center and the Protein Microarray Laboratory and Training Facility. The goal of his current research is to identify the right antigens to use for vaccines.  The Laboratory developed a high throughput approach to clone and express all proteins encoded in a microorganism’s genomic DNA and print them onto protein microarrays.  The Lab has cloned 70,000 genes derived from 35 infectious microorganisms, expressed and printed the encoded proteins on microarrays and probed with an inventory of more than 25,000 sera from infected, vaccinated, and healthy people worldwide to identify serodiagnostic and vaccine antigens.

Dr. Felgner joined the faculty at UC Irvine in 2002 after two decades of experience in the biotechnology industry, including founding Vical Inc. in San Diego based on his discovery of DNA vaccines and serving as Chief Scientific Officer to help build the company into a publicly traded entity. He discovered and developed ‘Lipofection’ DNA transfection technology in 1985, the most widely used approach for introducing nucleic acid into cultured cells. His work has led to 200 published papers and 45 patents that have been cited by other scientists more than 33,000 times, and founding of a UCI startup company Antigen Discovery Inc.